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Defined Addresses for the Mail Service
Preferred Internet Address Old Internet Address Intranet Address> Kreigh <>> Monica <>> Andy <>> Norma <>> Jessica <>> Kalinda <>> Grace <>> Kay <>> Postmaster <>> WebMaster <>> Abuse <>

Supporting Multiple Email Accounts Behind One ISP╩Account

Some mail systems strip the name in front of the address unless it is enclosed inside quotation marks ("), and others require parentheses instead. Some systems require no space between the optional name and the bracket in front of the required address. A few systems require the optional part to trail the required web address. You may need to make these changes to our address' if you have problems with any of the above variations. And there are a few systems that require an extra set of brackets around the whole address:


If you desire to send to more than one name on the list with an Internet address, you must combine the names inside quotation marks (") seperated by commas. For example:

"Kreigh, Monica" <>

If you do not use both quotation marks and commas, the mail will be delivered to the first name only.

Some variations on Norma's address as examples of what should work if your Browser or Email Client allows it to be entered:

Norma <>
"Norma" <>
<Norma <Norma<>>
<"Norma" <>>
"Norma Tomaszewski" <>
"Norma Tomaszewski"<>
<"Norma Tomaszewski" <>>
<"Norma Tomaszewski"<>>
<>(Norma Tomaszewski)
<> Norma
<> "Norma"
<> "Norma Tomaszewski"
<>"Norma Tomaszewski"
< <<>Norma>
<<> "Norma">
<<> "Norma Tomaszewski">
<<>"Norma Tomaszewski"> you just need to find one that works with your browser. The earlier an address is in the list, the more likely it will work.

Of course, the easiest solution is for you to click on one of the names in the first list at the top of the page. We no longer need to use this trick because we now have a registered domain

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