Tomaszewski Intranet Client Configuration

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Setting Up Open Transport for Macintosh

Open the TCP/IP Control Panel. For Ethernet select 'Connect via: Ethernet' and 'Configure: Using DHCP Server'. For LocalTalk select 'Connect via: AppleTalk (MacIP)' and 'Configure: Using MacIP Server'. Close the TCP/IP Control Panel.

Setting Up MacTCP for Macintosh

Upgrade to Open Transport, if at all possible. Otherwise, open the MacTCP Control Panel. In the first window select LocalTalk or Ethernet. Click 'More' for the second window. 'Obtain Address' from 'Server'. In the 'Domain Name Server Information' enter a dot '.' in the 'Domain', and enter '' in the 'IP Address'. Click 'OK' then close the MacTCP Control Panel.

Setting Up Windows 95

Open the Network Control Panel. Highlight 'TCP/IP' and click 'Properties'. Select the 'IP Address' tab. Click 'Obtain an IP address Automatically'. Close the Network Control Panel.

Setting Up Windows 3.x

Varies depending on software installed, see the Webmaster if you can't figure it out from the examples for other systems.

Manual Configuration (usually for Servers)

Intranet/Internet DNS services provided by Apple's MacDNS and the Mail Server by Eudora are combined at running on a Quadra 700 (Daystar PPC 601 Upgrade).

Internet Gateway (Router, Firewall, Remote Access, DHCP Server) by Vicom running on a G3 supporting:
* TCP/IP Router for LocalTalk at
* TCP/IP Router for Ethernet with DHCP Server at
* Dial-in Secured PPP and Apple Remote Services waiting on serial port board.
* TCP/IP Router for TokenRing waiting on 10-T/10-2 router.

Please contact the Webmaster to arrange for your static address so it can be registered to the Vicom Gateway.

Browser Email or Email Client Setup

You set up Netscape to use the local mail sever by changing Netscape Mail parameters for Servers to...



POP ID: Kreigh ...but if you have problems sending to some addresses (such as a MAPS/DUL SPAMM block or 'Not in DNS' error) you can change the SMTP setting above to our ISP's server. This will prevent you from mailing to internal addresses and you must be connected to send mail (open a new browser window if not before hitting Send), but the mail will get thru.

Also set the Identity parameters to:

Your Name: Kreigh

Your Email:

Reply-to address: Kreigh

Organization: The Tomaszewski Family Intranet

If using Communicator you need to modify the Netscape settings and use...
Your Email:
...if you want your mail headers to be consistent.

Alternately, you may configure Claris Emailer Lite by changing the Internet Service Entry as in the example that follows:

Account Name:

User Name: Kreigh

Email Address:Tomaszew@Concentric.nett

Email Account:

Password: Kreigh

SMTP Host:

You must also configure the Destination List to Add an entry like the following:

Destination Name: Tomaszewski Intranet

Internet Domain Name:

You can send mail to mixed internal and external addresses and get the reply back in your internal email account, "" in this example, because it appears to come from "Kreigh ". If a message is sent to "" it will be delivered to Postmaster.

Currently defined addresses and some variations that work.

Some mail systems strip the name in front of the address unless it is enclosed inside quotation marks ("). Some systems require no space between the optional name and the bracket in front of the required address. A few systems require the optional part to trail the required web address. Macjordomo in our configuration requires parenthesis and it must lead the address with no spaces. You may need to ask your friends to make these changes to their address for you if they have problems with any address above. You could also reconfigure your Reply-To address to an alternative format. And there are a few systems that require an extra set of brackets around the whole address:


If someone desires to send to more than one name on the list with an Internet address, they must combine the names inside quotation marks (") seperated by commas. For example:

"Kreigh, Monica"

If they do not use both quotation marks and commas, the mail will be delivered to the first name only. You can send to an internal address using the corresponding external address too.

More details on how the Email Service works. | PGP Encryption for Secure/Verifiable Email