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You know you're in a Children's Hospital when you get to ride around in a wagon all day long!

After my first surgery I craved donuts.  I ate three of them the morning this picture was taken.

The Cat in the Hat came to the DeVos Children's Hospital at Spectrum Downtown. As you can see, I was not amused at this time after my surgery.

My nurse Carrita (who attends our church) asked a security guard to take us on the hospital roof (10 floors up) to see the Aeromed helicopter landing pad.  We found out that this was a very rare occurrence!

Daddy and I noticed a crane working behind the hospital one day.  The crane operator gave me a hat with his company's name on it.

Grant and I are swinging with our neighbor Grace in our backyard.  Her dad Kreigh and her brother Andy helped design my web page.This was taken just after my first stay in the hospital.

After my second surgery I enjoyed riding in this blue wagon.  Here I am with Grant and Daddy.  My head was bandaged because I was leaking cerebral spinal fluid from the incision in the back of my head.  Grandma and Grandpa Pries from Canada bought me this cool medical kit.

Mommy pulled me in the wagon until it hurt her too much.  She was a full nine months pregnant.  One nurse, Julie, who lives just a few blocks from us, thought that Mommy would have the baby while I was at the DeVos Children's Hospital.  She had a wheelchair waiting outside my door with Mommy's name on it!

When not being pulled in a wagon, I loved to ride in a Coupe Car- I.V. in tow! I received two speeding tickets from the nurses and Daddy had to buy them all some chocolate to pay for my fines.

Mom says that I was my 'old self' much quicker after the second surgery. I doubled my Hot Wheels car collection during my hospital stays.  Sometimes I even got down on the floor to play.

Here I am with Mommy, playing a game at the Mary Free Bed Hospital. You can kinda see the scar on the back of my head.  My stitches sure are itchy!

I was so happy to meet my new little brother Brandon. How convenient that Mommy and I were in ajoining hospitals!  I rode my Coupe Car through the hospitals to see her and Brandon.  

Here I am with Mommy, Grandma Pries from Canada, and Brandon.

Here's a great picture of Brandon being held by Grandma Pries.  She is my Mommy's Mommy!

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