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Before there was MySpace and Facebook, there was just HTTP and HTML pages. This website was built in those days, coding HTML in a text editor. It isn't fancy but it was a family hobby. Most of the original content is outdated and has been removed but that leaves some original content and links that are still interesting. If you are interested in the way this site was built, we've published some of the details of The Tomaszewski Family Intranet.

Kreigh collects rocks and minerals, is a carpenter, and gardens. He showed some of his mineral collection at the Grand Rapids Public Museum on December 12, 1998 as part of the promotion for the Museum's new permanent exhibit on hobby collections. We have available some details on Kreigh's Show and some links to Web Resources for Rockhounds he has found. Kreigh maintains his personal page at Kreigh.

For years we were foster parents. There is a tremendous need for good foster homes. Please consider it. In order to facilitate bringing children into our home we had to articulate our expectations. Review the Tomaszewski Family House Rules: Family Guidelines as a sample of that exercise.

A collection of links the family has found interesting: Useful References. We are researching and publishing our family tree in case you are interested in genealogy: The Tomaszewski Family Tree. As a sidelight to this we also have some information about the Golden Rule as it is applied around the world.

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