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Review the Tomaszewski Family House Rules: Family Guidelines

Meet the members of our family: Kreigh | Monica | Andy | Kalinda | Grace
or Welcome our neighbor RJ back home

This is a fairly bland home page, but we're working on some enhancements. If some link here does not work, that may be why (and thanks for reminding us of the unfinished business). Our wonderful ISP will let us run client written CGI scripts in our own domain (check them out and tell them we sent you), so we will be posting some of the fun stuff we've developed and have running on our Family Intranet. We wired the house and put up a private domain so we could learn to play with web technology in a safe sandbox. We've published some of the details of The Tomaszewski Family Intranet for those who might be interested in a family computing hobby.

We've got some hobby interests besides computing. Andy is active in sports and games. Norma keeps birds and is a musician. We also have fish and a dog. Monica collects campaign and advertising buttons, and landscapes. Kalinda and Grace are dancers and musicians. Kreigh collects rocks and minerals, is a carpenter, and gardens. He showed some of his mineral collection at the Grand Rapids Public Museum on December 12, 1998 as part of the promotion for the Museum's new permanent exhibit on hobby collections. We have available some details on Kreigh's Show and some links to Web Resources for Rockhounds he has found.

A collection of links the family has found interesting: Useful References, and a link to The Divine Mercy Cell Group we belonged to (that is now inactive).

We are researching and publishing our family tree in case you are interested in genealogy: The Tomaszewski Family Tree. As a sidelight to this we also have some information about the Golden Rule as it is applied around the world.

We are a Foster Family licensed through Catholic Social Services. If you would like to become a foster parent or find out more about this challenging, rewarding, and much needed service, check with a social services agency in your area or with the National Foster Parents Association. Some very special children need your love and parenting, and you will both be glad you did.

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