The Tomaszewski Family Tree Reynolds Branch

We originally posted the Tomaszewski Family Tree as a single webpage that grew to contain over 200 printed pages. At that point we decided to restructure the page because it was getting out of hand and taking much too long to download. Part of the results from that effort follow. Should you find errors or omissions, you can still refer to the original webpage.

Please Note: Throughout this genealogy a left handed prefix (1234_____) is a birth; a right handed prefix (_____1234) is a reference from a later relationship event (typically marriage). All references are bolded, and equal numbered left and right handed references (or just plain references - 1234 ) are always the same person. Use your browser's Find button to follow a lineage using the reference numbers (or follow the links on some individuals for pictures, or lines). Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to other family tree branches.

0673_____: Margaret Reynolds. Born Oct 7, 1903 (issue of unknown ). Married Joseph Enoch Coddington ( 0629 ) on Dec 15, 1938. Died Mar 2, 1992 at Morristown, NJ.

5023_____: Mary Elmira Reynolds. Born May 6, 1875 (issue of unknown ). Married George William Covert ( 5021 ) on Mar 4, 1894. Died Jan 27, 1951 at Ionia Co., MI.

The Tomaszewski Family Tree contains the following branches