Cyclosilicates from Kreigh Tomaszewski's
Rock and Mineral Collection

Cyclosilicates (a ring structure)

Mineral Reference
Aquamarine 1182, 0392, 2852
Ashburtonite 2399 [TL]
Baratovite var. Katayamalite 1842 [TL]
Benitoite 2069 [TL], 1399, 3185 [w/ Sulfides]
Beryl 1331, 0392, 2271 var. Morganite, 2280 var. Heliodor, 2476, 2475
Catapleiite 1419, 2250, 3231
Chrysocolla 0202
Cordierite 0896
Dioptase 2679
Dravite 1295, 2993 [with Sorosilicates]
Elbaite 0603
Emerald 1402
Eudialyte/A> 1421, 1812, 1998 {with Inosilicates}, 2192 [with sorosilicates]
Fluor-buergerite 3058 [TL], 3333 [TL]
Foitite 2852
Indicolite 1042
Jonesite 2070 [TL]
Labuntsovite 3023
Liddicoatite 1829
Manganaxinite 1746
Milarite 3006
Nenadkevichite 2463, 3243
Osumilite 2751, 2915
Papagoite 1957
Pezzottaite 2209 [TL]
Povondraite 2975 [TL]
Roedderite 2991
Rubellite 1045
Schorl 0363
Strontio-orthojoaquinite 2175 [TL]
Sugilite 1842 [TL], 1850, 1849
Titantaramellite 2763 [with Phyllosilicates], 2871 [TL] [with Phyllosilicates]
Uvite 1108 var. Vanadian Uvite, 1401, 3110
Mineral Reference

Someday I hope to have my entire collection posted here. Until then, I hope you enjoy what I have posted so far. Come back again as I plan to update my catalog pages monthly.

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Index by Mineral Name

Index by Mineral Type

Native Elements
Sulfides, Arsenides, Tellurides
Nitrates and Borates
Phosphates, Arsenates, Vanadates, Chromates, and Uranates
Tungstates, Wolframates, and Molybdates
Silica Group (open network)
Tectosilicates (framework structures)
Phyllosilicates (sheet structures from sharing three oxygen)
Inosilicates (chain silicates)
Cyclosilicates (a ring structure)
Sorosilicates (two tetrahedra share one oxygen)
Nesosilicates (no direct sharing between tetrahedra)
Complex Silicates (share two or more of the other forms)
Organic and Odd/Exception Minerals

Numerical Index; 0000-0249
Numerical Index; 0250-0449
Numerical Index; 0500-0749
Numerical Index; 0750-0999
Numerical Index; 1000-1249
Numerical Index; 1250-1499
Numerical Index; 1500-1749
Numerical Index; 1750-1999
Numerical Index; 2000-2249
Numerical Index; 2250-2499
Numerical Index; 2500-2749
Numerical Index; 2750-2999
Numerical Index; 3000-3249
Numerical Index; 3250-3499
Numerical Index; 4250-4499
Numerical Index; 4500-4749
Numerical Index; 5000-5249
Numerical Index; 5250-5499
Numerical Index; 6250-6499
Numerical Index; 8750-8999
Numerical Index; 9750-9999
Numerical Index; 12250-12499
Numerical Index; 12500-12749
Numerical Index; 13000-13249
Numerical Index; 80750-80999

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